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Malmö Art Museum's collection contains over 40,000 works, covering the period from the 16th century until today. Most of Scandinavia's innovative and highly distinguished artists are represented in the collection. In the course of the past twenty years the museum has focused on Nordic contemporary art.


Marie Høeg/Bolette Berg, "Untitled" © Marie Høeg/Bolette Berg, Preus museum

Malmö Art Museum celebrates 100 years of female struggle with the exhibition A Voice of One's Own - On Women's Fight for Suffrage and Human Recognition. Some 20 artists mix retrospects on the reform work for women's right at the turn of the previous century with current issues on women's situation. The exhibition is showing from June 6 – September 7.

Future exhibitions

Banner Baltic Reflections

October 11, 2014 - January 11, 2015
Address: Malmö Art Museum

Baltic Reflections puts the renowned Russian artworks, shown at the Baltic Exhibition in 1914, in dialogue with turn of the century Scandinavian art.

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