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Focus on Nordic Contemporary Art  

Malmö Art Museum has a large art collection which contains of about 40,000 works, covering the period from the 16th century until today. Most of Scandinavia's innovative and highly distinguished artists are represented at Malmö Art Museum. In the course of the past twenty years the museum has focused on Nordic contemporary art.

News - Refurbishment of Historic Buildings

Due to building of a new aquarium at Malmö Museer and a general refurbishment of the museum building from 1937 the Malmö Art Museum is closed 2 September 2013 to 5 june 2014. The refurbishment will contributing to a clearer and more coherent structure and allowing for future development.

Current Exhibition - c/o Marabouparken, Sundbyberg

Our Inner Nature. Photo Marabouparken

Our Inner Nature. Photo Marabouparken

Our Inner Nature

Marabouparken, Sundbyberg, Februrary 22 - June 19, 2014 

The exhibition Our Inner Nature gathers twelve prominent Nordic artists whose works span the 1880s to the present day. Via nature the works reflect and comment on our civilisation and cultural history in which the concept of nature often starts and ends in our own hands. In an act of circular reasoning we define what is natural, apply it to nature and then refer to our constructed image of nature as proof for, and argument against, the unnatural, the abnormal – that which does not belong.

Artists: Ann Böttcher, Kajsa Dahlberg, Olafur Eliasson, Carl Fredrik Hill, Joachim Koester, EvaMarie Lindahl, Sivert Lindblom, Anna Ling, Gerhard Nordström, Henrik Olesen, Nina Saunders, Lars-Andreas Tovey Kristiansen.

All works are from the collection of Malmö Art Museum. Sundbyberg is situated south of Stockholm.

Link: Marabouparken

Carl Fredrik Hill, Stenersenmuseet, Oslo

Carl Fredrik Hill - Yet I continue to rule heavily over the dagger’s abyss

Stenersenmuseet, Oslo - April 10 to June 15

Now it is possible to see 53 works of art by Carl Fredrik Hill (1849-1911) from Malmö Art Museum's collection at the Stenersen Museum in Oslo. The exhibition presents primarily the artist's works after his mental breakdown. Read more about the artist.

Link to Stenersenmuseet

Future exhibitions

Banner A Voice of One´s Own

A VOICE OF ONE’S OWN – On Women’s Fight For Suffrage And Human Recognition

Malmö Art Museum, June 6 - September 7, 2014

The fight for women’s suffrage was central to the women’s own manifestation at the Baltic Exhibition in Malmö a hundred years ago.This summer’s collaboration between Malmö Konstmuseum and Moderna Museet Malmö presents a variety of strategies for making one’s voice heard and demanding more space.

A number of artists who are active today have looked back in history at the reform work that was done to promote women’s political, economic and social rights at the beginning of the previous century.Others have examined current issues relating to the situation for women and their access to the public sphere today.With local history from 1914 as its starting point, the exhibition shows a few of the methods used by contemporary women in dealing with oppression in societies that are still far from gender equal, and the importance of constantly rereading and reinterpreting history from different perspectives.

Banner Baltic Reflections

Baltic Reflections

Malmö Art Museum, October 11, 2014 - January 11, 2015

This exhibition put the renowned Russian artworks, shown at the Baltic Exhibition in 1914, in dialogue with the turn of the century Scandinavian art.

The Baltic exhibition in 1914 developed into one of the biggest art exhibitions ever seen in the Nordic region with over 3500 exhibited artwork. It was the foremost contemporary art from the countries around the Baltic Sea that was represented by well-known artists such as the Danish Skagen painters, Valentin Serov and Anders Zorn.

During the exhibition the First World War broke out. As a consequence, some of the exhibited Russian art remain in Malmö. This exhibition put the renowned Russian artworks in dialogue with the turn of the century Scandinavian art from the museum's collection.

The exhibition launched a new publication about the Russian collection with essays by, among others, David Jackson, a professor at Leeds University and Torsten Gunnarsson, former director of collections at  Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.

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2 September 2013 - 30 May 2014 Malmöhus castle - Renaissance and Baroque Art from the Collection.

Malmöhus Castle / Malmö Art Museum

Malmöhus Castle / Malmö Art Museum

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The museum is closed between 2 September 2013 and 25 May 2014.

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